Step 2: Let's Send It

The newsletter development consists of several steps. Please see a quick summary below:

  1. PICK 3 TOPICS. First we will determine 3 things about your company that you'd like to promote this month. It could be a product or service, or even news about your organization that you wish to share. Don't worry, each month we will send you a reminder about this.
  2. SIMPLIFY YOUR MESSAGE. It's important to ensure your messaging is crystal clear to your readers. People will not want to review a newsletter filled with industry jargon that only you understand. Keeping in mind the 3 topics you've listed above, please answer the following questions below.\
  3. CREATE YOUR NEWSLETTER. Once we've identified what we're going to talk about, and how we're going to phrase the messaging, it's time to put it into newsletter format. We will add the messaging to your Agile CRM template and enable tracking so you can determine who's reading what messages. We will also add a smart-campaign that will track reader interest and follow-up with them a few days after they have visited a web page.

See the monthly newsletter development form below.