Let's Get Started!

Before we can get started issuing your company newsletter, we need to learn a bit more about your organization. We also have a few things to setup including:

Your newsletter template design. 
We need to ensure your newsletter template aligns with your company brand. We will assess your current marketing materials including brochures, flyers and website, to get a better sense of your brand.

Setup Agile CRM.
We don’t just create your company newsletter, we utilize a powerful email marketing platform that tracks reader activity in each of the eCommunications we distribute on your behalf. This program is called, Agile CRM. Let us take your email marketing to the next level by utilizing this application on your behalf.

Add the newsletter widget to your website.
Readers can easily subscribe to your communications by completing the sign-up widget on your website.

We setup a smart-campaign. 
A smart-campaign will allow your organization to promote a specific product or service offering by automatically sending a series of emails to people who clicked on a “learn more” link in your newsletter.

If you haven't already, please complete the setup questionnaire below.