What does FMBGC say about our CMS websites?


Veronica Doleman is the President of the Board of Directors for the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls club (FMBGC). They offer a safe and supportive place for children and youth to experience a variety of new opportunities and develop new skills. The club has a lot of great programming available including before and after school care for school aged children, child care for ages 0-6 years of age, child care drop off service for those parents who need to run out for a few hours to run errands and they even have free youth programming in the evenings.


We asked Veronica about her CMS website service from Debbie Hill Design - here is what she had to say.


Q1: What do you like best about your website?

The website is very easy to use. When I came on board to help operate the Club, updating the information on our website was an important aspect. I was able to sign on easily and start editing right away. The options are clear and very simple.


Q2: Name 3 things you really like about the functionality of your website?

  1. Every button in the editing section has a roll over option that clearly communicates what each option allows you to do. This feature makes it easy for people to learn how to use their CMS website quickly and easily.
  2. For people who would rather follow instructions, there are great tutorials and videos available on the help option.
  3. The website itself is just really attractive. It is visually appealing and it is easy to navigate.


Q3: How would you rate tech support?

The Tech support feature is by far my favourite thing about our website. It is so easy to use! I click help, wait about 30 seconds and then I am connected to an online tech support representative who helps me solve my problem. They are very helpful, extremely polite, and I love that I can print or email the conversation so I have the instructions.


Q4: Do you find the recurring monthly subscription fee affordable?

The fee is extremely affordable, especially for the variety of services and options the website offers. We are a non-profit so it is very important that we get value for our dollars and this website is certainly worth the monthly fee.


Q5: Are you very technical? How hard was it for you to learn how to edit your website and to use the built-in features and applications?

I am not very technical at all. I know how to type and click a mouse! That is basically all you need to know to use the features and apps. I love it. I love knowing that I can leave a page of simple instructions and the next person will be able to come along and keep the website up to date.