Facebook Advertising

So, if you're reading this then you more than likely need more clients. You've come to us to help you (and that was a smart choice)! So, what can do we to help? I'm glad you asked!

Facebook advertising is our specialty!

In fact, it's our most popular program for small business owners who wish to attract more local clients. It also works for tourism and travel clients who need to target nationally! In our experience, Facebook works best for business to consumer sales, so if you're a restaurant, dentist or any business that targets the general public, you absolutely need Facebook advertising!

Why does it work?

Well, let's face it...everyone is on Facebook. If you have a pulse, you're on Facebook! And that means it's the perfect platform to advertise your products or services. Additionally, Facebook offers some powerful targeting options! Did you know we can target people who like vacations (great for cottage rental agencies), or people who just got engaged (great for wedding planners)...you get the idea! It's also perfect for businesses who cater to everyone's basic human needs - like restaurants! We can setup a campaign to blast everyone in your local area and let them know about the great special you're offering so they stop by and spend money at your establishment.

It's very affordable too!

The best thing about Facebook advertising is that it's affordable and very easy to track the success of each campaign. Unlike many other forms of advertising, it's difficult to determine the effectiveness or your return on investment. In fact, most people assume advertising (display ads mostly) only generate brand awareness - which can't be measured. With Facebook advertising, we have access to all data that gives us a thorough understanding of what ads are working and what ones aren't.

Interested in Facebook Advertising services?

Contact us and tell us what you need, and we can handle the rest!